Today in class we all had a chance to use the calculators.First we tried using the big calculator on the projector to let everyone see the buttons clearly.We saw there were different buttons with various functions.We can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.We can also use the equals button and the all clear button.Finally, we tried using our skip counting to work out number calculations.Then we checked the results with the calculator.We all agreed it was a fun lesson.

Today in class we found out that we measure liquid using millilitres and litres. We now know there are 1000ml in 1 litre. First we had to estimate the amount of water in each container and then measure the actual amount. It was difficult to pour the water carefully in each container. Sometimes we had to use a larger or smaller measuring cylinder to fill the exact amount fully.

Today in class we all took part in a sea food web activity. Each person had a card. Each card had a name on it. The names were phytoplankton, zooplankton, anchovies, mackerel, fur seal. octopus, humpback whales, orca whales and much more. Declan and Xiao were great thinkers. They both said that everything is interconnected. If one part of the food web is damaged then the whole ecosystem is affected.

Grade 2 Camp Underwater World, Singapore

Thursday 2nd  May – Friday 3rd May, 2013

As Thursday is a normal school day, you will still need to bring your usual school bag please, together with a morning snack for Thursday, and your lunch for Thursday with your water bottle.  Thank you.

Please label all of your child’s items clearly.


Camp Packing List

·       A small overnight bag (your child must carry their own bag to and from the bus and Underwater World)

·       Torch / flashlight with batteries please.

·       Crocs or flip flops for indoors

·       Hat and sunscreen cream

·       Small pillow

·       Your clothes for day 2 (underwear, PE Shorts, T shirt, shorts/ trousers / skirt)

·       Warm pyjamas for sleeping (it is very cool inside the aquarium area)

·       Personal items in a wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, face cloth, small soap, hairbrush and small towel)


Additional Items

·       Your own sleeping bag (Underwater World will provide one for your child if you do not have one)

·       Sleeping pad (yoga mat or foam mat)

·       Cuddly toy for bedtime and a book for bedtime if you choose!


Grade 2 are all getting very excited about the forthcoming camp this week. They all listened to the information talk this week and now they are busy getting their kit bags ready. Everyone has a bright, green T shirt to wear as well! We will definitely be seen at Underwater World, Sentosa.