This week we have started our new unit of inquiry: 'Journeys can develop our understanding of other people and places.' So far we have looked at maps of the world, packed our suitcases and started our own mind maps showing the places we have visited. Next week, Grade 2 will have a journey in Singapore. 

This week we looked at our individual plants to see their shape, colour and texture.  They were all different. We all used different media to show the colours. Some of us used pencil , pastel, felt tip pens and watercolour paints.
The actual central idea was: Plants support all living things and have certain requirements in order to grow!
As a provocation to start our second Unit Of Inquiry: "Money Is Used As A System Of Exchange", we had a Silent Gallery in class.  Each table contained a number of items, and each group had to report on what they saw and then think of a suitable central idea for the new unit.

Box Talks for Grade 2

Grade 2 are starting their new unit: “Who We Are.”  We are asking the children to use a shoe box to show 5-6 items which best demonstrate the hobbies and activities in which they participate.

Item in the box                                 What does this show?

Juggling balls                                 I like juggling.

Photo of me snorkeling                    I like to go diving and the outdoors.

A cook book                                  I like cooking and eating new foods.

My yoga book                                I like keeping fit and flexible.

A flag from the UK                          I am English.

Picture of my family.                        I love my husband and my 2 wonderful boys!

Today the Grade 2 teachers demonstrated for the children how to do their box talk.  Over the upcoming 4 days we will continue these presentations.  If your child is bringing something to show which is valuable, then we will send that home on the same day.  The children will use the boxes to learn about each other and may even write another child's biography based on the boxes - so have them think carefully about the items they choose.

The rota for box talks will be:

Wednesday 15th Aug            Thursday 16th Aug         Friday 17th Aug

Niamh                                Cooper                        Sasithon

Raymond                            Declan                         Xiao

Keagan                               Ria                             Kasper

Isabella                               Mariana                      Koki