Well done Ame and Cooper!  You are new the new student council reps for Grade 2NC!
Yesterday we all voted for 2 people from our class.  We had a secret ballot so no-one could see the papers.  We showed integrity by writing our names secretly. 
Good luck at the first Student Council Meeting this Wednesday.

Please bring back all the information to class from your Student Council Meeting.  We are already doing a great job with the 4 Bees in school.


09/04/2012 5:31am

Ame and Cooper,
Congratulations on joining the student council. I think you will have lots of fun there. Say hi Chiemi and Miho. They are fifth graders who are students in my class.
See you around school kids!

09/04/2012 7:21am

Ame and Cooper, how exciting for you to attend the council meetings and report back to G2NC. I bet you'll do a great job, both telling the other class students what was discussed, and bringing suggestions to the council meeting on behalf of your class.
I look forward to hearing how it goes..

09/05/2012 5:41am

Wow cooper great job!

09/26/2012 2:05am

Oh Wow, well done you two, exciting times for both of you and great for me to be able as Coopers "Granny" to see what you are doing and keep up to date with your schooling and see the progress you are making.

05/27/2013 10:17pm

Ame and cooper is it fun to be student council.


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