Raymond thinks that Google Earth is cool! I did an amazing thing! I went to Korea!
Cooper says Google Earth is really nice and helpful. He has found something close to Robertson Quay!
Ria found her house on Google Earth.
Ame said that she liked finding her home! She is also going to Ion!
Keagan said it was very confusing!
Kasper found his house on Google Earth.
Xiao said that he likes Google Earth because he can zoom in anywhere!
Koki said he can see the roads on Google Earth.

Mariana said that she likes everything! 
Sunny discovered the North Pole!
Niamh found her house and can see the monkeys!
Declan found his apartment and school!
Sasithon found Thailand and her house in Singapore.
Angela found her home in Singapore.
Isabella went on different Roads and her home.

01/17/2013 4:08am

We can explore the world in Google Earth.

05/27/2013 10:22pm

I found where Hadi lived.


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