In Grade 2NC, we have tried to germinate our own lima beans. We used lima beans, thick, strong absorbent paper, water, sunlight and a clear plastic zip bag. We placed our beans on the window, so they could receive as much sunlight as possible.  Sadly, most of our beans did not germinate, grow roots or shoots.  Only 2 lima beans were successful. They were planted by Angela and Niamh. As thinkers, we were trying to figure out why the beans did not grow.  Our 2 main conclusions were: firstly the beans's requirements were not met and secondly we did not re-pot the beans at the correct time, so they could grow in soil.  How should we plant the beans in future? Let's think back to a plant's requirements.  Plants need water, sunlight, carbon dioxide, soil (minerals and nutrients) and time. In our class we noticed that some of these requirements were not met and so the beans did not germinate.  Hopefully, our next plants will germinate, bear flowers and fruits for the process to start over again!

Angela's mom
12/09/2012 7:17pm

Oh, Angela would be very happy for her bean!

12/26/2012 6:19am

Great Beans 2NC! Fantastic! Yes, hopefully your next plants will grow and germinate. Good Luck!!!!!


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