Co-ordinates Games Review

In IT today we looked at several games from the website: woodlands junior-school.Kent / Maths Zone

This is what we found out from our trials:

·     Insect Co-ordinates – This game was really tricky because you could not drag the insects to the grid.

·     Billy Bug - This game did not work on the computer, as it took too long to load.

·     Catch The Fly –This game was very easy and so much fun! It also used positive and negative numbers.

·     Dino Dig –Instead of using your mouse, you used the co-ordinates to key in the position. I think this game was fun and I had to use numbers to go and dig for fossils.

·     What Are The Co-ordinates? We tried this game, but it did not load.

·     Bike Hunt Game – It is fascinating! I liked this game because it was fun.

·     Hidden ships – This game was really easy to use and it would be good for Grade 1 and Grade 2.


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