Today we had an extra session in the IT room. We were all using this program to help us practice  the rule take off the 'E' and add 'ING'. We also played a game called SPARKLE where we had to spell words out loud and listen carefully to the letters already used. It was great fun and we all learned new words too!

During our rotations in Maths, we reviewed a variety of different themes today. One group completed their probability spinners. They discussed the chance of spinning each colour and how likely it was to land on each colour. As you can see from the photos they had fun making them spin and land too!
The next group continued looking at capacity and how to measure liquids. They had to compare the amounts and use charts, tables and grids to compare their results. It was quite tricky trying to see if each container was less than or more than the others! 
The final group enjoyed using IXL to complete their measurement work on temperatures, lengths and weight! It was a pretty good morning with everyone measuring up very well.  
In class this morning, we listened to the story "Fish Is Fish" by Leo Lionni. We found out that it is fine to be different and we should accept our differences and celebrate them. The minnow in the story was reluctant to do so at first and then he learnt a hard lesson. Thankfully, his frog friend was there for him in the end! We all enjoyed writing our own version of the story. We have invited Ms Burden to our class on Monday to hear our choice of words and our ideas!