Grade 2 have been sorting and tessellating 2D shapes in Maths.  Do you know a hexagon has 6 sides, whilst a trapezoid has 1 pair of parallel lines and 4 corners! Get to know your quadrilaterals from your triangles! Why is a parallelogram different from a rhombus? How many angles are there in an octagon?

Co-ordinates Games Review

In IT today we looked at several games from the website: woodlands junior-school.Kent / Maths Zone

This is what we found out from our trials:

·     Insect Co-ordinates – This game was really tricky because you could not drag the insects to the grid.

·     Billy Bug - This game did not work on the computer, as it took too long to load.

·     Catch The Fly –This game was very easy and so much fun! It also used positive and negative numbers.

·     Dino Dig –Instead of using your mouse, you used the co-ordinates to key in the position. I think this game was fun and I had to use numbers to go and dig for fossils.

·     What Are The Co-ordinates? We tried this game, but it did not load.

·     Bike Hunt Game – It is fascinating! I liked this game because it was fun.

·     Hidden ships – This game was really easy to use and it would be good for Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Raymond thinks that Google Earth is cool! I did an amazing thing! I went to Korea!
Cooper says Google Earth is really nice and helpful. He has found something close to Robertson Quay!
Ria found her house on Google Earth.
Ame said that she liked finding her home! She is also going to Ion!
Keagan said it was very confusing!
Kasper found his house on Google Earth.
Xiao said that he likes Google Earth because he can zoom in anywhere!
Koki said he can see the roads on Google Earth.

Mariana said that she likes everything! 
Sunny discovered the North Pole!
Niamh found her house and can see the monkeys!
Declan found his apartment and school!
Sasithon found Thailand and her house in Singapore.
Angela found her home in Singapore.
Isabella went on different Roads and her home.
As part of our holiday work we were all asked to send a postcard from our different journeys. So far we have seen postcards from Laos, Thailand, Bintan, Australia and Hong Kong. I stayed in Singapore with my family. We went to The Night Safari, Marina Bay Sands and The Art Science Museum. What did you do? Where did you go? How did your journey make you feel? What did you learn from taking this trip?