On Tuesday 28th May, Grade 2 will be holding a Bake Sale to raise money to buy part of the Indonesian Rainforest. As you know we have been working on our unit of inquiry "Sharing The Planet". By reading the books "The Forever Forest" and "Monkey Magic"  we found out that some Second Grade children actually took action by raising money to save the rainforest in Costa Rica. Our class want to do the same! We want to change what is happening in Indonesia! As when trees are cut down and burnt in Indonesia, it also affects what is happening here in Singapore! Our air quality is affected. Please come along on Tuesday 28th with a few coins to buy cakes and make a difference to our environment and OUR WORLD!

snakes,slither across the floor ready to attack

tall trees grow high for monkeys to live.

By Niamh
Slithery, slimy,
Long! Lives in the rainforest,
Would bite if angry.

by Ame
We are making haiku poems about the rainforest. We know that each poem has 3 lines. We know that they have 5 syllables in the first line, then 7 in the middle line and finally 5 syllables in the last line.

Green, hot humid trees,
Animals hunt, roar, howl, climb,
                                      Rain, wet, tall trees grow!